In the age of technology, the general population is exposed to an abundance of information that influences our lives heavily. We are constantly shifting our ideas of normality, and unquestionably accept its impact on our everyday lives. Creating a series of sculptures and installations that explore ideas of body image, gender stereotypes, and social identity politics- I am inspired by these ideas of normality and social expectations.

Relying on a delicate balance between quirkiness and craftsmanship, a majority of my sculptures imitate exaggerated features of the human body. Automation and amateur engineering are occasionally used to create an interactive experience for the audience, and other pieces are stationary and meant as view-only.

While classified as contemporary art, I use traditional techniques and baroque-style qualities as both an homage to my classical training and as a present day take on my definition of fine art. Unsettling traits, such as excessive hair and long red fingernails, coupled with traditional aspects create a juxtaposition of beauty and grotesqueness. The confrontational nature of the work underlines a general critique of society itself. Ultimately, I want viewers to question what is wrong, what is right and what is normal.